Finished Products

Greens RollerPickwick has more than 75 years of experience in the processes required for fabricating complete finished metal products. Our journey began with poultry processing equipment and progressed to oversized air filtration systems and golf maintenance machines, among many other products. We specialize in metal manufacturing services so you don’t have to. Our equipment, skilled staff and depth of knowledge unite to develop a cost-effective extension of your facility.

Participate in a manufacturing partnership, rather than investing in equipment and resources. Pickwick owns the equipment that saves time and money for specialized capital equipment makers. Learn more

We have many examples of finished product housing we have manufactured, assembled and painted for customers. Please contact us for more examples.

Typical Finished Products

Other Products

Cartridge Cleaner
This client’s expertise is in commercial and industrial air filtration systems — Pickwick builds the housing units. Their product line offers custom-configured design for 4-20 air cartridges and about 50 options for the housing units. After supplying them with other finished products for several years, the client offered us this product (5 models, 50 + options) on a single-source basis if we would maintain a stock of standard frame components to provide 4-week delivery of any unit. After our first 1-1/2 years we had built up to 5 complete units a week (but never the same unit twice), our single-piece flow capabilities allowed us to eliminate stocking, and we had reduced most deliveries from 4 to 3 weeks ARO.