Case Study: Batch Flow

A Variety of Fabrications and Weldments in Batch Flow

For over 25 years, Pickwick Manufacturing Services has worked with an agricultural customer needing weldments and fabrications for production and repair. With a blanket purchase agreement and 18-month forecast of the customer’s production and field replacement needs, Pickwick provides quantities of 1 to 100 per shipment from a list of 295 metal weldments and fabrications, when and as needed. The total volume of pieces involved is upwards of 50,000 parts per year.

Pickwick_2005_0607Image0010The specific items range from sheet metal covers to brackets, weldments to beams, doors to supports. The dimensions vary from 1-inch square brackets to 6’x6’x4’ urethane tank supports in steel, stainless steel and aluminum. The specialized capabilities applied to this customer’s pieces include laser blanking of sheet and plate metal and 27-axis laser cutting of structural steel members up to 27 foot overall length. Forming, machining, welding assembly and finish are also required for some fabrications. Finishes range from raw and ground smooth to plated and powder or wet painted.

Pickwick ensures continual ISO 9000:2008 quality control monitoring with full inspection to AWS requirements before shipment. Over the years, Pickwick has also assisted in the redesign of a number of different assemblies to improve their performance or lower their costs through ease of manufacturing.

Per the customer’s request, many of these  fabrications and weldments are shipped in returnable containers,  thereby reducing waste and increasing efficiency. The items ship to eight different North American, South American and European assembly plants and parts warehouses.

parts in quantitiesWhile these small quantity batch builds cannot be as efficient as Pickwick’s continuous flow processes, clients still benefit from the other in-house expertise available to supplement, improve or fully shoulder your design, manufacturing, supply chain and logistics operations. You may be able to benefit your bottom line with value-added capabilities, a scheduling edge or cost reductions.