Our 100,000-square-foot, facility on 20 acres includes everything needed for low to moderate quantity manufacture of sheet, plate and structural steel components or final assemblies, simple and complex, large or small.

Facility & Equipment


Many fabricators sell simple machine time, but Pickwick is at its best when providing its customers with “plug-in” solutions to their complex assembly line weldments and fabrication needs. No simple list of equipment can convey the capability, skills and expertise of our production associates. We encourage prospective clients to check out our photo gallery of products. Pickwick either had or quickly acquired every skill and machine integral to manufacture these products. Chances are, we can provide exactly what you need!

Our 100,000-square-foot, 3-bay facility on our 20 acre complex includes everything needed for low to moderate quantity manufacture of sheet, plate and structural steel components, simple and complex, large or small. Lasered blanks are formed by press brakes or rolls, machined as required and passed on to AWS D1.1-certified welders for assembly. Baked wet or powder paint (with polishing or plating available) provides the final finish prior to any hydro, mechanical or electrical assembly and final packaging for safe shipment.

Our success hinges on utilizing the same processes to build brackets, enclosures, electrical wireways, mobile rock-crushing plants, straw spreaders, heavy haul trailer decks, air filtration bag houses, mounting platforms for wind turbines, and precision measuring equipment – day after day, in three-shift operation five days a week.

But it’s really how we do business — with customized, value-added solutions and flexible services — that reaps the greatest rewards for you. Pickwick is highly adaptable to your flexible production schedule, pre-assembly, packaging, delivery and replenishment systems needs. Just like our customers, you, too, can benefit from:

  • Process Engineering to assist in Design for Manufacturing projects that reduce cost and increase quality

  • Supply Chain Management of your Tier 2 and 3 sub-component vendors to provide you with a complete assembly

  • Dynamic Kitting of the exact component parts and fabrications needed to build the precise configuration your customer ordered, delivered to your production schedule rather than stock

  • Single-Piece Flow for maximum flexibility to your market’s changing demands

  • Virtual Focus Factory, which extends your facility with personnel and equipment dedicated to your product family (when justified by demand) to maximize efficiency and minimize problems

  • Minute-by-Minute Reporting that pinpoints both material availability and the progress on your order through Pickwick’s Enterprise Resource Program, while soliciting production’s feedback on ways to improve performance next time.

  • Streamlining shipments with bar coding and Advanced Ship Notices (i.e. EDI, or Electronic Data Interchange, capabilities).

At Pickwick, customization is routine. We’re always at the ready to find solutions to your problems, from prototypes on short notice to dynamic kits delivered as needed Contact Pickwick with your next RFP.