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  • EDI (Electronic Data Interchange) Capabilities – We are pleased to improve time and accuracy of orders with seamlessly tailored EDI Schedules, Invoices and Payments to your systems. We also offer Bar Coding.
  • Open Door Policy – Clients are welcome to visit at anytime. In one week, we hosted a team of engineers and quality personnel on a root cause investigation, an QA engineer acquainting our people with his new corporate measurements system, a materials manager sharing sales and production schedules, and a quality consultant overseeing their initial shipment to a new end user.
  • Single Source Responsibility – When supplying “whole goods” (finished, assembled products ready for sale or installation in your final assembly) Pickwick assumes the responsibility for acquiring and stocking whatever other components are needed, either from our suppliers or yours.
  • Extension of Your Facility – As a new client relationship progresses from individual batch orders to Blanket Agreements and continuing production of specific part families, Pickwick’s resources — from engineering and scheduling through production and shipping — are dedicated to their needs. Our Engineer speaks daily with yours, our Quality Assurance Supervisor works with your design team to determine the root cause of a problem, our Welder knows how your bead must look, and our Shipper packs your kit in the proper order for your Assemblers. Every day, Pickwick’s Associates share your concern for maximizing your end users’ perceived as well as actual quality because we also are beholden to them for our livelihood!
  • Long-Term Relationships – Pickwick appreciates the value of long-term relationships. They are the reason we’ve grown from $600K/year to over $18M/year in the last 25 years. We started contract manufacturing 35 years ago with four major capital equipment OEMs. Today, Pickwick ’s customer histories range from just a few months to over 36 years in duration.
  • Emergencies Happen — Pickwick Responds: We know about the unexpected, and we realize the cost of a “line down” when production is threatened. Our Crisis Management process replaces the parts to get you back up and running quickly.
    • Late one Friday afternoon, a customer realized they had overlooked ordering a custom platform and ladder assembly. Pickwick engineered, cut the parts, welded the assembly and painted it for delivery Monday. The customer installed the platform on Tuesday morning.
    • A customer called to request the replacement of rusty parts. Pickwick worked overnight to ship a new quantity the following day. Several days later, our joint Root Cause investigation determined that the customer had accidentally left the parts in a reefer van for a humid summer week after receipt at their dock. Our policy to respond first and investigate later kept their line up. Their shipments are no longer loaded in reefers at any time of year!
    • Once a customer has granted us a specific assembly we regard it as our responsibility to provide reconditioning and repair of damage suffered in the field, such as during erection by others.

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