Our Services: Process Engineering – Supporting Your Staff

A member of our engineering team manipulates a diagram
A member of our engineering team manipulates a diagram

Once a customer comes on board at Pickwick, they will find a team of process engineers to help with a variety of tasks, such as Computer Assisted Manufacturing (CAM) programming, design and revision assistance and cost reduction projects. First, we’d like to tell you about our team, and in future posts, we will share more about the specific engineering services we provide.

Our goal is to ensure precise repeatability of future reorders. Pickwick is proud to have nine process engineers on our team to ensure that goal with every project. Several staff members have multiple years of experience here, and all are thoroughly trained in creating and working from 3D models in both SolidWorks and AutoCAD. Very few manufacturing services firms provide an engineering support team of this size and with this level of expertise.

Sometimes, our customers don’t need help. They may have an engineer or two experienced in fabrication on staff, which is usually sufficient. In that case, we simply convert the designs into our system and begin production. However, on occasion, we are able to improve a project or process for our customers. This can save money and time in manufacturing the metal parts or metal assemblies they need.

A few quick examples of services we provide beyond the typical design conversion process:

  • We can provide the detail shop drawings from a provided design model
  • We can enable the client’s team to work faster
  • We can provide a thorough “manufacturability” review to discover cost reductions

We have improved many products and processes through this investment of time and process engineering expertise. We’re here when needed with unparalleled manufacturing-specific process engineering expertise.