Pickwick’s ability to provide competitive pricing of fabrications and weldments year after year is one major reason for its record growth—and for its long-term relationships with Fortune 500 international customers.

One of our largest customers has been with us for over 35 years, another for more than two decades. They know that our prices, while always competitive, also offer the highest total delivered value.

How do we maintain this reputation?

  • First, Pickwick keeps labor, material and overhead costs low by:
    • Choosing and training flexible associates, non-union by choice, who take pride in their skills and their added-value contributions
    • Eradicating non-added-value overheads
    • Applying leading-edge technology to eliminate setup costs for small builds of complex parts and fabrications. In 1985, Pickwick acquired the first sheet laser in the United States, and 25 years later, our new 26-axis Fabrigear structural steel and tube laser delivers the same opportunities for structural steel components.
    • Practicing what we preach by maintaining partnerships with leading steel suppliers to secure high quality material at competitive low market prices
  • Second, we specialize in adapting innovative Lean Manufacturing concepts to mixed model builds. We take advantage of commonalities rather than differences to obtain single-piece, continuous flow efficiencies and flexibility, including:
    • Shared blanking and finishing cells with automated CNC efficiencies,
    • Dedicated cells or mini focused factories staffed and equipped specifically for similar products or customer needs
  • Third, we excel at tailoring services to maximize each fabrication’s total delivered value, such as:
    • Kitting weldments to the needs of your assembly stations — even to those options ordered by that customer — through our dynamic kitting program
    • Just-In-Time (JIT) and Kanban deliveries, timed to your production flow rather than buffer stock
    • Returnable containers designed to protect parts and simplify inventory
    • Fast response to your market or product changes
  • And last but not least, we do all we can to maintain steady prices, period.

Together, these factors allow our customers to succeed. Won’t you join us in our quest for value-driven processes? Send us your RFP today.