Bundling Options

A purchased part’s cost is far more than just its price. Ordering, receiving, inspecting, storing, retrieving, installing and restocking each part incur significant expenses. Pickwick’s experience in lean manufacturing processes may help you minimize or even eliminate many of these costs. The bundling options you might consider include static or dynamic kitting, Kanban supply methods, returnable containers, pre-assembly, single-piece mixed model flow and delegation of supply chain responsibility for Tier II vendors.

Products that are high value, relatively low volume, complex to build and/or customized to each end-user’s needs offer the most benefit from alternatives like these:

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As needed, your product manufacture is supported by our Engineering, Supply Chain, Quality Assurance and Logistics services.

Parts Kitting

We tailor parts kits to your model options, accelerating build-to-order lead times. Learn more…


We build major components that plug into your final assemblies. Learn more…

Finished Products

We coordinate all aspects of capital equipment, from small to oversized. Learn more…

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