Parts Kitting

Dynamic Kitting for Assembly
Pickwick makes dynamic kits of the 15-20 metal parts required to build customized screen boxes for sorting gravel. We deliver directly to the client’s assembly line, at a rate as high as 40 kits per month. The client orders specific components out of a list of 300 that we maintain on their behalf. In 2-4 weeks, we supply the common parts and assemblies from our self-regulated Kanban inventory and build the slower-moving ones for delivery together. We also service parts for current and obsolete models.

Static Wireway Kit in Returnable ContainerIn the last few years, many equipment manufacturers have shifted toward assembly only production methods. While this is very successful for high volumes, it is difficult for the typical low-volume customer for a number of reasons, including the challenges of sales projections and fit problems. In addition, stocking inventory of every possible option is not financially or physically practical, and the customer is left waiting longer and longer. Pickwick has found a solution that improves lead times and eliminates inventory and fit problems.

Single-Source Parts Kit Solutions

Over the years, Pickwick has developed a highly effective system to provide all of the items required at each assembly stage in a single bundle or returnable container. The bundled kit protects the items and presents them in a way that minimizes assembly time and waste.

Kits can be static, containing the same items in every kit, or dynamic, with tailored parts to meet the end-user’s needs. The final benefit of parts kits from Pickwick: nested shipments, which can significantly reduce freight costs through shared transportation. Our customers think of us as an extension of their facility rather than a typical parts shop. With Pickwick, you can fill orders, not shelves.

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