Equipment Bases
This concrete machinery company traditionally purchased 21 different models of trailer, skid and stationary equipment frames from local vendors. During the recession, they reduced inventories only to face the need to either restore them as business recovered or to find a less expensive, more lean alternative: Pickwick provides all different models as required to fulfill actual sales, with mixed model delivery synchronized to production requirements. A dedicated cell for welding was implemented, which enables batch build of popular models while dropping in custom units as required. Pickwick provides build to order for product families and successfully reduce inventory levels while increasing flexibility in response to customer demand variation.

Single Spreader ShipmentFor products requiring further processing or final assembly on your assembly floor, Pickwick provides major components in a “plug-and-play” state. Each item will be completed to whatever state you require and delivered individually with any mating parts to match your production schedule.

One example involves U.S. and European models of hydraulic-drive straw spreaders for an agricultural combine. The subassembly Pickwick made included blades, guards, motors and sealed hoses with fittings. These two complex assemblies were synchronized by model for delivery to the final station on the customer’s assembly line.

When it comes to quality subassemblies to complete your product, you can trust them to Pickwick as your manufacturing partner. We follow through on our commitments, and we have already invested in flexible, precision technology to enable economical production. Learn more

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