Case Study: Equipment Trailer Decks

Large, Heavy Weldments: From Engineering to Certified Welding

Heavy-haul Trailer DeckPickwick Manufacturing Services has manufactured a variety of large, heavy weldments, from mobile rock crushing plants and truck frames to asphalt hopper bins. For one customer’s heavy-duty trailer decks, we procure materials, fabricate beams and weld 3 to 4 units per week in a continuous flow for delivery to their facility in the Upper Midwest.

Upon request, Pickwick provides engineering detail and shop drawings for these units. Manufacture includes laser blanking of sheet and plate metal, sawing structural steel, forming and Certified Welding to American Welding Society D1.1. The overall dimensions are 8’-6” wide and over 28 feet long, weighing up to 7,500 pounds each.

With each unit, Pickwick inspects the overall dimensions, pin locations and all welds. Tolerances must be within 1/16”. Custom internal inspection forms are used for the main deck weldment and each beam. In addition to meeting the AWS D1.1 standards with 2G welders and CWI inspection, the project is completed within ISO 2000:2008 Accreditation.

From large equipment to small fabrications, Pickwick offers the engineering, supply chain, fulfillment and logistics capabilities that save customers time and money while improving products and enhancing their competitive edge. Please let us know about your manufacturing issues and we will share our success stories with you.