Case Study: Looking for a Locomotive Engine Cab?

Locomotive Operator's Cab

Probably not—unless you build locomotives. But what if your primary competency is rebuilding them: Disassembling them down to the frame, repairing their mechanical systems, and putting them back together for many more years of service on the tracks? Your expertise is achieved by mechanics and skilled labor to carry out the heavy rebuilding. The reality, though, is that your success will be judged by what your customer and their customers see first—the sheet metal cabs. They must properly represent the quality of your work underneath.

If you haven’t made the investment in the lasers, CNC press brakes and skilled metal fabricators required for this type of work, it might be time to consider buying these components instead. That is what a recent Pickwick customer decided. They had us build 4 sets of 8 different complete cabinets for a major contract: Operator, Engine, High Voltage, Blower, Radiator, Short Nose, and Sand Tank as well as the Engineer’s Control Stand.

In addition to building the parts, the client asked Pickwick for assistance in redesigning some features for ease in manufacturing (“DFM”). We now make small changes from set to set, which makes our client’s work easier and accommodates variations in the original manufactured design. Each of these instances reflect both the flexibility of CNC blanking and our own experienced workforce.

Your expertise is likely totally different from rebuilding locomotives, but when you need metal parts or assemblies to support your product, give us a call to talk your challenge over with our engineers. We don’t pretend to know your product, but we do know metal fabricating. There is no cost to learn if we can help you drop more to your bottom line!