Our Services: Process Engineering – Design Revisions & Cost Reduction

Pickwick’s engineering expertise is our CAD and manufacturing processes. We have also had success with cost reduction projects in partnering with some of our best customers.

If we can make adaptations or revisions to your product’s “Form, Fit and Function,” we do so at our standard hourly engineering rate and at your specific instruction and risk. The latter is because we do not have expertise in your field. We rely on you to identify what it must look like, critical tolerances, how it will be used, stresses it must withstand, safety considerations and any other factors associated with your design.

Cost reduction projects come into play at your request. With our expertise in sheet metal, fabrication and welding, we can review designs for cost-cutting or value-added ideas. This can take the form of a “funded request” or on a “shared benefit” basis.

For more detail about our many value-added services, visit our Featured Solutions page.