Certified Lean Manager Craig Purdy
Our Certified Lean Manager, Craig Purdy

Services that Create a Factory for Rent
Pickwick’s capabilities in your “Factory for Rent” provide you with all of the cost advantages of building your own parts, but with none of the problems:

  • Your work is performed by experienced operators with the required skills in a dedicated cell
  • Workers are committed to your product’s quality, familiar with your customer’s critical needs and capable of making constructive suggestions for improvements
  • Our processes allow us to build every unit to customer specs as a unique model. OEMs trust us to produce to their needs, such as:
  • We always build to your orders, not to stock for “someday”

By renting a dedicated portion of our factory floor, you avoid the burdens of:

  • Maintaining a ongoing investment in a facility and expensive equipment rather than your primary technology that sets you apart from your competitors
  • Hiring and training the labor force from fabrication engineers to CNC machine operators

The end result: Our support puts you in a better position to remain profitable when sales are down.

Quality from Expertise

The metal parts critical to your product’s performance — from cabinets and consoles to fully assembled products — shouldn’t be left to chance. You know what they need to do, but our metal fabrication experts may be able to tweak them to do it better at a lower cost. Keep in mind that, as unfair as it is, if any part fails it is your product and brand that fail in the eyes of your customer.

The challenge becomes much greater when your parts are complex, needed in low volume, and frequently need to be customized or adapted to your customer’s requirements. Any job shop can knock out 200 of the same metal cover or box for you, but if that box changes in dimensions and features, requires a specific motor wired in place to run optional features, and requires different brackets or custom paint to match existing machines, you need more help.

Value Added Experience

At Pickwick Manufacturing Services, service is the solution. That strength is clearly illustrated through the experience, knowledge and attention we give to engineering, supply chain, logistics and quality. This breadth of services complements our manufacturing expertise and acts as a catalyst for multiple benefits — from improved lead times to cost savings — throughout the manufacturing process.

Manufacturing Services —
Your Factory for Rent

Our extensive resources result in the manufacturing services you need, including full assembly — mechanical, electrical/electronic and hydraulic.
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Our experienced team can serve you beyond initial design conversion.
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Supply Chain
We open the lines of communication with our suppliers and yours.
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Timing, packaging, delivery and more — we have you covered.
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ISO 9000 of course, and also tailored to your product’s needs.
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Engineer editing an assembly diagram
A member of our engineering team manipulates a diagram