Proper design results in precise repeatability of orders, and today’s process engineering services can result in time and money saved. Pickwick Manufacturing Services realized this years ago. With quality, time and cost savings in mind, we have built one of the largest, most experienced teams of process engineers in custom manufacturing services.

Beyond the Basics

In addition to initial design conversion, which is included with every project, Pickwick also offers the following services at our standard engineering rate when required:

  • Design revisions
  • Cost reduction projects
  • Detailed shop drawings
  • Tooling design
  • Conversion to 3D models
  • Design for Manufacturability review

Some of our best customers have discovered that investing in time and process engineering expertise helps them realize excellent ROI. Improved manufacture and easily modified digital 3D models provide long-term rewards.

For those interested, we provide a variety of software solutions to enhance your designs and our quality assurance. Learn more

Other Services

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