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Quality, delivered consistently and tailored to your needs, has been the backbone of Pickwick’s services since 1939. It is a primary reason for our long-term customer relationships. In addition, we are certified to ISO 9001:2008.

Consistent & Efficient

We will not quote a project without first validating capabilities. Once a project gets the go ahead, our engineers, production associates and quality assurance professionals implement six steps to ensure consistency and efficiency. We will:

  1. Assign a specific engineer for oversight of every fabrication.
  2. Create CNC programs, special tooling or fixtures, prototypes, detailed shop drawings and Job Traveler instructions, material requirements and routings to ensure your needs are thoroughly understood.
  3. Verify that we have obtained the material your part requires.
  4. Enact a rigorous First Article inspection process before production begins.
  5. Provide ongoing training and proper supervision to ensure our associates have and apply the required skills.
  6. Allocate QA associates for constant process monitoring.

ISO CertificateWhen necessary, we work with a select group of qualified second-tier suppliers for the few services we do not provide. We also respond quickly to correcting issues and taking preventive measures. Need examples of our responsiveness and quality measures? Just ask.

Paint Pull Test 10-084
Paint Pull Test


We share your dedication to increasing your customer’s perceived value in your products and can even provide a tailored Quality Assurance process. It’s about more than quality parts — it’s about quality relationships.

Get the consistent quality you need — request a quote now.

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