Supply Chain

Supply chain management ultimately boils down to maintaining close communication and high quality with your Tier II and Tier III vendors. Our expertise saves time, eliminates unnecessary shipping and enables you to schedule to production like you never knew you could.

The Power of Service

Scheduling to production as Pickwick does avoids inventories and the unwanted costs associated with stocking parts and products. Our considerable buying power enables us to acquire the raw materials required to build your product quite economically. This capability has been evaluated and approved by Terex and CNH Global.

Specialized components can come from you. However, we provide the option to assume the maintenance of aftermarket stock (e.g. circuit boards, gear motors, wire harnesses, etc.) within your contracts or locate new sources subject to your approval. If you desire further assistance, we can supplement your team with vendor maintenance, inventories and more. We can even manage warranty claims on parts assigned to us.

When you’re ready to evaluate your supply chain and production schedule processes, turn to Pickwick for alternative lean solutions.

Other Services