Our Services: Drop Shipping

Export CratesDo you ship your product to locations in the U.S. or internationally? If so, Pickwick Manufacturing Services is eager to assist. We welcome requests for drop-shipping the product we build to your end customer. We frequently provide heat-treated export crating for overseas shipping. To reduce waste and streamline shipping, we can also provide reusable crates for domestic shipping back and forth to your plant.

Recently, one major client asked us to install its products on the fabrication we built to their requirements and test the final assembly. Then, following their work instructions, we crate and ship the end product in overseas containers to locations around the world. A special connection has been installed to allow their technicians to remotely monitor the final tests before packaging.

We gladly provide a high level of service and technology to our customers. Drop shipping nationally and internationally is just one example. Please visit this blog often to learn more about our other services:

Our Services: Production Scheduling

muffler setYour ability to offer your customers reduced lead times may be a major competitive advantage in today’s markets. As Pickwick’s familiarity with your product and volumes grows, it usually enables improved delivery times. However, our unparalleled expertise in “mixed model, single piece flow” offers considerably more improvement through our flexibility and agility.

If your product is “same as, but different” in features such as size, component mix, accessories, options or the like, it might lend itself to final assembly from common Kanban components — with or without needing anything specifically built to the end user’s order. Forecasting is important in this fast track supply process, but we have many examples of how we create customized production scheduling processes that have enabled clients to offer that edge for over a decade.

  • Made to Order: A long-time, single-product client moved a higher volume, complex product line to our care. We accepted the responsibility to build whichever specific model of this large assembly their end customer selects, complete with its options, and ship in 4 weeks or less. With over 800 possible variations, we build each unit from scratch in a dedicated cell with an output capacity adjusted in concert with the customer’s projected sales volume. No components above hardware and raw material are stocked in advance, and the final assembly is shipped painted with decals applied, ready to erect.
  • Delivery Coordination: Over the years, we have perfected coordination of deliveries with our customer’s true needs. One customer’s ERP projects assembly line needs as much as a year in advance for the several hundred unique parts on Pickwick’s Blanket Order, but each plant has limited space and unforeseen needs. Pickwick plans to the schedule, but ships to verbal instructions and receipt of Kanban containers.

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