Our Services: Supply Chain Maintenance

Pickwick’s Materials Team provides expert supply chain maintenance of Tier II and Tier III vendors. As a standard feature of our service, we will acquire the generic materials (steel, hardware, paint, etc.) required to build your product independently, using our considerable buying power. Additional specialized components unique to your product will normally be addressed in the quotation process; either they will be supplied by you or purchased by us to your specifications from your current suppliers. In either case, Pickwick can rely on your existing supply chain and your contract for pricing, availability and delivery or with your permission seek more cost-effective solutions.

However, volumes sometimes grow to the point where it may present a cost savings to assign our team to your vendor maintenance, acquisition, inventories, maintaining quality standards and the like. For some clients, this service extends to maintaining stock for aftermarket orders and assuming responsibility for pass-through vendor warranty response. Circuit boards, gear motors, machined components, extrusions and special wiring harnesses are among the hundreds of items Pickwick obtains and stocks for this client against their orders and forecast.

If you have questions about how we can assist with your supply chain maintenance and Tier II and Tier III vendors, please give us a call. For information about other services that may benefit you with faster delivery or improved quality, check out our blog posts and Featured Solutions on our website.