Our Services: Testing & Certification

faro arm certificationPickwick Manufacturing Services provides the support services OEM manufacturers need to ensure quality in their finished products. Everything we manufacture is automatically included within our ISO 2008 Accreditation, which benefits from the oversight of both our Quality Assurance and AWS Certified Welding Inspectors Teams to assure compliance with your design.

But did you know that Pickwick’s expertise can be extended to include performance testing when required? Our capabilities include test fixtures, performance monitoring, compliance affidavits and a professional staff ready to take on whatever specialized training these processes require. For one customer, this includes installing and calibrating their instrumentation while they observe the process via the Internet.

Please contact us with questions about how we can help streamline the manufacture of your product, and visit our blog often to learn more about our other value-added services:

  • Lean Manufacturing
  • Engineering
  • Supply Chain Maintenance
  • Production Scheduling
  • Drop Shipping