At Pickwick, our focus is on building a relationship with our clients that assures them we are the right metal fabricating partner to support their technologies and to help enable their product’s success.

Street view of Pickwick's Production Building
Pickwick Manufacturing Services - street view of main production building

We receive many compliments, especially when we are able to respond to schedule changes, pass their on-site audit with flying colors, or help them with design suggestions that make their product more durable or less expensive to build. These are nice to receive, but by themselves, do little to indicate their overall satisfaction with Pickwick’s service. For that, we rely on primarily on one measure: Do they return for more, year after year?

The answer to that is a resounding “yes!” Although Pickwick was incorporated in 1939, it began contract manufacturing for local OEMs in the early 1970s, over 40 years ago. We are proud of how many customers have continued to rely on us time after time.

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Client Testimonial Letter

On occasion, we receive a testimonial regarding our overall level of service. Here is a recent example. 

The Setup
In designing and building five new product prototypes, Pickwick’s team collaborated with the client’s team to enable fast and effective decision making. First, our Engineer visited the client’s facility to assist with Design For Manufacturing. Upon his return, our team sprang into action, processing the revisions and hosting the client team during final product refinements. Upon completion of the prototypes, our teams gathered for a “cost-out” meeting to eliminate waste and reduce manufacturing costs to a competitive market price. This client’s orders have grown over 400% in 5 years, and we continue to save them lead time as we develop another new product for them.

The Testimonial Letter

To: Mr. Walt Corey, President
4200 Thomas Dr. SW
Cedar Rapids, IA 52404-5055

Dear Walt,

I want to take this opportunity to convey how much I appreciate the (Client)/Pickwick business relationship. Since the day we shook hands and began business 5 years ago, it has been a very beneficial relationship for both organizations, and I want to particularly commend you and your staff on the stellar performance with the recent, newly designed, (Operating Enclosure) for (our new) Instrumentation Product.

In February, I met with my key /senior Managers and was asked not to create the new design for our commitments for shipment in June, but to use the previous generation, “One-Off” modified designs and documentation. The consensus was that we could not meet June commitments with a new design. I emphatically defended our new design approach, guaranteeing we would meet our commitment, stressing their long-term benefit and stressing that the path backwards was not a solution. Please know, without the relationship that we have built over the last 5 years, I never could have made that guarantee. Together, I had no doubts that we would meet our commitment to our customer.

I would like to recognize individuals in your organization for this effort, but, frankly, every one of your employees contributed to the success as the team work demonstrated, and the outstanding performance by everyone (directly and indirectly) culminated in our “On time” June shipment. Your team supported, came through in a sometimes unorthodox approach, worked above and beyond expectations, and maintained patience with everyone in the process, ensuring our successes.

I do want to celebrate and acknowledge the performance of your organization. I also want to remind us, we have many new challenges ahead and that by working hard, communicating well, and continuing to demonstrate the teamwork our partnership has fostered, we will meet those challenges together.

On behalf of me and (Client), thank you Pickwick Manufacturing Services for all that you have done for us.

Sustaining Engineering Manager

CC: VP Global Operations, Global Procurement Director, Supply Chain Manager, Senior Buyer

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Markets Served Since...

To avoid violating confidentiality agreements, the following list reflects the primary markets we have served — and that we continue to assist. They've turned to us to create a wide range of products, which you can check out in our Galleries.

  • Aggregate Processing — 1972
  • Harvesting Equipment — 1988
  • Compaction Equipment — pre-1999
  • Tire Retreading Machines — pre-1999
  • Carton Sealing Machines — pre-1999
  • Agricultural Spraying Equipment —1999
  • Food Packaging — 2002
  • Air Filtration Systems — 2003
  • Wind Power — 2005
  • Mechanic’s Tool Cabinets — 2006
  • Process Measurement and Control — 2009
  • Concrete Placement — 2010
  • Turf Maintenance — 2012
  • Solar Cell Stitching — 2016
  • Tank Truck Suspensions — 2016
  • Coal Refining — 2016