Why Pickwick?

You’ve invested heavily in your product’s technology, but what about the development of its metal parts, weldments and metal assemblies? With over 75 years of fabrication expertise, the most advanced flexible technology and a full range of support services Pickwick can help you ensure that those components perform as you intended.

Parts that unknowingly are over-designed, difficult to manufacture or expensive to obtain and install drive up your costs and threaten your profitability. If one fails in operation, your product takes the blame, not the part. Today, negative customer comments can affect your reputation at the speed of light.

Shield Weld
Shield Weld

When you need us, the team at Pickwick has you covered with in-depth knowledge of manufacturing and quality assurance. Our fabrication process engineers provide on-call Design for Manufacturability (DFM) reviews and consultations to reduce costs and increase total value. They also assist with solids modeling and similar computer-aided manufacturing processes. Our American Welding Society (AWS) Certified Welding Inspectors can assist with welding specifications and certify our welders to your requirements. Our Lean Manufacturing Manager’s experience in structural steel lasers, tab-and-slot fit-up, single–piece and mixed-model flow is also available to you.

These uniquely flexible techniques are particularly suited for building mixed models of complex equipment in dedicated cells at low volume continuous flow. Pickwick is applying them to produce turf maintenance machines, gravel screening plants, air filtration systems, heavy-haul trailer decks, closed-loop sensing devices and much more. Single-piece, mixed model production output can be economically driven to fill your orders, not your inventory, with deliveries to your assembly floor or end-user as you prefer.

We’ll be glad to explain what we’re talking about with no obligation on your part. It only takes a few minutes over the phone to learn if you might benefit. Contact Pickwick Manufacturing Services today.

Depth of Resources & Expertise

As our customer, you can draw on these resources and expertise at any time, either as needed or on an ongoing basis:

  • Engineering
    • Update obsolete or paper prints
    • Conduct Design for Manufacturing (DFM) reviews to reduce costs and improve reliability
    • Identify standardization opportunities
    • Create Solids Models that simplify future design and enhance marketing
  • Delivery
    • Flexible delivery solutions that minimize production costs:
      • Single parts, parts kits, pre-assembled, subassemblies and finished products
  • Production Methods
    • Small quantity repeat batch runs
    • Mixed model builds
    • Continuous flow using dedicated cells, with output ramped to your market needs
  • Manufacturing
    • Laser blanking of sheet, plate and structural forms
    • Machining
    • Press brake forming
    • AWS-Certified Welding
    • Powder and wet paint finishing or plating
    • Mechanical, electric and hydraulic assembly
  • Supply Chain
    • Support for your supply chain to suit your product’s needs for raw materials, purchased components and even field warranty claims
  • Quality
    • Consistent quality, assured by certified welding, pre-delivery testing and calibration
  • Logistics
    • FOB factory, drop shipping, export crating, returnable containers

Learn more about the many ways we find solutions for you through a variety of manufacturing services.